10 Great and Useful HTML5 Infographics from SixRevisions

10 Great and Useful HTML5 Infographics from SixRevisions

Date: 09-19-2012

How is HTML5 shaping our work as web developers? 

Great blog post over at SixRevisions that features some insightful and useful infographics regarding HTML5 and it's place within our web developer's sphere.

Below are a couple of them but be sure to bop over to http://sixrevisions.com/html/html5-infographics/ for all the other great infographics!

..head over to http://sixrevisions.com/html/html5-infographics/ for all the other great HTML5 infographics!


web designer india

web designer india Says:
November 14th, 2012 at 08:39 pm

Sixrevisions is my all time favorite website. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and graceful infographics of HTML 5.

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