20 Great Print Ad Examples

20 Great Print Ad Examples

Date: 01-04-2012
We've gathered 20 fantastic print advertisement designs for your enjoyment. Do you find it hard to be creative day in and day out? Feast your eyes on these 20 great print ads and get your juices flowing ...

Here are some great ways to get/keep your creative juices flowing:

1. Talk a walk

This is the best way to get ideas.. take a walk by yourself and dream. There's something about the motion of walking

2. Stare out the window and get in your zone

Take some quiet time to stare out the window... find a good view if you can (I'm not sure if looking at a parking lot will work well!).. but relax your mind and try to get into that open, creative, clear-minded space that allows your ideas to flow into your conscience.

3. Crack open some Print and How and CommunicationArts magazines

Way back when, most of us subscribed to some magazines like Print and CommArts in order to see good work, which in turn, gave us good ideas. Try it, it works!

4. Go online to some design gallery sites like this one

There are a number of good sites you can Google that have great design galleries... take a gander at a few to jumpstart your juices.

5. Go to a bookstore

Looking at book covers is a great way to generate some new perspectives and get some ideas. I'm not saying to steal the ones you see verbatim, I'm saying use them as inspiration to generate your own concepts.

 Oh yeah, I promised you 20 great print designs... here they are:



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