20 Of The Worlds Best and Most Mind-Blowing Infographics

20 Of The Worlds Best and Most Mind-Blowing Infographics

Date: 11-15-2011
This post is virtually guaranteed to do a few things:  blow your mind, waste your entire lunch hour, inspire you to try and create your own infographics that are hopefully as good as these, and expand your understanding of how important online interactions are to changing the path of history.

Social media is the darling of the decade, and YouTube is more important than most of us can yet understand. The most incredible figure on any of these graphics for me was the decline of TV advertising revenue last year alone... it went from $181 Billion to a measly $4 Billion in 2010. If I'm a television ad executive, I'm looking for a new line of work right about now.

Feast on these phenomenal infographics... you might need two sitting to digest all the info contained in them!

The Lifecycle of a Web Page on StumbleUpon

Fantastic chart and incredible stats!

Kardashian Wedding vs Average Wedding Price

Kim's making bank. Nice job Brilliance!

Social Media Rulers

Looks like the animals are top dogs as far as social media impact goes.

Most Distruptive Companies in Tech

Nothing better than to disrupt! Hats off to FOCUS and to Apple and the others on this chart.

The Most Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs

Xanax... wow, I just don't have trouble falling asleep. Maybe someday.

YouTube Killed TV

If you only see one thing one this chart, note the 181 Billion in TV ad revenue that shrank to just 4 Billion in the year 2010 alone!!

Content for SEO

Content is still king.

The World of Data


The Evolution of the Transaction


Wasted Time in the Workplace

No secret that people are wasting half their day online at work!



Vaccination Nation


Obesity Around The World

We are too fat!

Changing English


Renewable Energy


The Growth of Social Media

Wow what a chart!

Diabetes Around the World




The Truth About Plastic


How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media



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