31 Fantastic Clean Website Designs To Inspire you

31 Fantastic Clean Website Designs To Inspire you

Category: Web Design,
Date: 12-06-2011

Isn't clean design really everybody's favorite?

Well, I know it's mine. Has been since I first laid eyes on the Apple site so very long ago.  I think that we take in so many visuals in our everyday electronified world that there's something intrinsically appealling about a nice uncluttered, clean web design with ample space, normally WHITE space, and subtle easy-going color schemes that normally feature just one or two real colors, a variety of different tones of those colors, and of course the ubiquitous GRAY tones!

See what you think about these and let us know in the comments widget at bottom. You can start your own Collection of sites you like here at CoolHomepages.... just log in, and while you're browsing you'll notice the little "+ save" button under every site thumbnail. Have fun. 



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