66 Fantastic Grid Based Design Layouts

66 Fantastic Grid Based Design Layouts

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Date: 05-01-2012

66 Fantastic Grid Based Design Layouts

Grids are the secret of the professional layout artist. Grid based layouts are layouts designed with a specific grid overlayed on the design and cut into sections, columns boxes, etc - the idea being that ultimately everything will line up along in various places and feel more balanced than if there was no grid in place.

We've come up with a great collection of grid based designs for you - many of which really feature the grid itself. Most grid based designs don't really feature the grid, it's there but it's not plainly evident. 

Use the comments box at page bottom to tell us which you like, and which you want to never see again! 

www.dialectica.net/?t=home - Dialéctica Studio

Dialéctica Studio

www.thetouchagency.co.uk - the touch agency

the touch agency

http://z-index.it/ - z-index


captaindaylight.com/ - Captain Daylight

Captain Daylight

http://www.traveltomilano.com/# - Travel to Milano | TON at Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2012

Travel to Milano | TON at Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2012

http://www.gertvanduinen.com/ - Gert van Duinen - Premium hand-crafted quality logo design & visual identities.

Gert van Duinen - Premium hand-crafted quality logo design & visual identities.

http://www.charactersf.com/store - A Cause For Design | Character | Branding & Design Agency

A Cause For Design | Character | Branding & Design Agency

http://pierrickcalvez.com/ - Pierrick Calvez Studio Ltd.

Pierrick Calvez Studio Ltd.

http://www.dohafilminstitute.com/ - Doha Film Institute

Doha Film Institute

magazine3.com/members/aff/go?r=1581&i=23 - MusicNews WordPress Theme Demo

MusicNews WordPress Theme Demo

http://www.hugosocie.fr/ - Portfolio of Hugo Socié

Portfolio of Hugo Socié

http://www.lundgrenlindqvist.se/ - Design Bureau – Lundgren+Lindqvist

Design Bureau – Lundgren+Lindqvist

www.toth.com/ - Toth + Co

Toth + Co

http://www.perkybros.com/ - Perky Bros LLC

Perky Bros LLC

http://www.swissted.com/ - swissted


http://www.mercado.ag/#_blog - Market


http://www.trouwamsterdam.nl/en/ - Trouw Amsterdam

Trouw Amsterdam

http://www.swirls.com.sg/index.html - Cupcakes — Swirls Bake Shop

Cupcakes — Swirls Bake Shop

creativedepart.com - CreativeDepart


sylvaintoulouse.com - sylvain toulouse

sylvain toulouse

www.frenchpaper.com - French Paper

French Paper

shropshirescreen.co.uk - Shropshire Screen

Shropshire Screen

http://www.nationaltraveller.com/ - NationalTraveller.com || your daily inspiration

NationalTraveller.com || your daily inspiration

underconsideration.com - under consideration

under consideration

www.major-tom.tv - major-tom


www.arnaudbeelen.be - Arnaud Beelen

Arnaud Beelen

jpunt.nl/#/projects - J.Development


officeofnature.ca - office of nature

office of nature

www.inkmustache.com - Ink Mustache

Ink Mustache

hellocihan.com - hello ci han

hello ci han

jlern.com - JLern Design

JLern Design

www.kexhostel.is - Kex Hostel

Kex Hostel

postersinamsterdam.com - Posters in Amsterdam

Posters in Amsterdam

www.dynamit.us - Dynamit


www.mksdarchitects.com - MKSD Architects

MKSD Architects

share.loftresumes.com/l/1/26245 - Loft Resumes

Loft Resumes

tractorbeam.com - Tractorbeam


www.sohofixed.com - Soho Fixed

Soho Fixed

www.theverge.com - The Verge

The Verge

stories.twitter.com - stories.twitter


thecampaignpalace.com - the campaign palace

the campaign palace

www.metsdelacreme.com - mets dela creme

mets dela creme

onebyfourstudio.com - one by four studio

one by four studio

typetoken.net - typetoken


www.bloomberg.com/company - Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News

www.myprovence.fr/festival/2011/ - My Provence

My Provence

helmsworkshop.com - helms workshop

helms workshop

cph-artfestival.org - Copenhagen Art Festival

Copenhagen Art Festival

looks.luxus.fi/issue2/ - luxus


mikemcquade.com - mike mcquade

mike mcquade

gioledda.ca - Calgary Web Design, Logo Design & Graphic Design | Gio Ledda

Calgary Web Design, Logo Design & Graphic Design | Gio Ledda

duotone.fi - Duotone


keebs.com - Keebs


photointerview.ru - PhotoInterview


middlemojo.com - Middle Mojo

Middle Mojo

landor.com - Landor


www.ignaciomacri.com - ignaciomacri


www.neighborhood-studio.com - neighborhood-studio


www.patrickfry.co.uk - Patrick Fry

Patrick Fry

nine2011.9elements.com - 9 Elements

9 Elements

www.area17.com - area17


www.mashdesign.com.au - mashdesign.com


rga.com - RGA


thuytruc.me - Thuy Truc

Thuy Truc

atlason.com - Atlason


chopshopstore.com - Chop Shop Store

Chop Shop Store



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