Adobe Edge vs. Flash Comparison

Adobe Edge vs. Flash Comparison

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Date: 01-01-2012

Edge is great for animating and adding interaction using HTML5

Adobe Edge is a new software package from Adobe that makes it fairly easy to animate websites using a combination of HTML5, Javascript and JSON. Since HTML5 will become more and more prevalent over time, tools that make it easy to animate and add interactivity for HTML5 will be real important to developers for some time.

Edge doesn't use Actionscript

Edge doesn't use Actionscript like Flash does, and part of the big question is: Will the advent of HTML5 eventually kill Flash? Or will Flash be dead anytime soon? The jury is still out on that one, although most people will say "yes Flash will be dead soon" or "Flash is dying as we speak and is almost dead"... I don't believe it's true. Flash has a 14 year installed base and is used by millions, including the huge advertising industry that relies on it for rich media ads, and keep in mind that HTML5 final release is not scheduled until 2014... so don't put the nails in the Flash coffin yet.

Edge fills an important need with HTML5

Anyhow, Adobe Edge does fill an important need in that HTML5 is already becoming important to working developers, and will become moreso as time goes by. Edge gives you an easy way to create interaction and animations - but is much more limited than Flash is at this time.

Edge allows you to work with vectors and PNGs as well as JPGs.

Keep an eye on it and keep an eye on all HTML5 tools that you see popping up.

Flash still stronger for games and streaming video

Adobe says that Flash is still stronger for games and streaming video, while interactive web design and advertising will be HTML5's strong points.

There's a GUI with a timeline animator to make it easy to animate things:

Download a free test drive:

More information on Adobe Edge can be found here - as well as a FREE DEMO DOWNLOAD:



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