Best of Big Bold Typography in Web Design

Best of Big Bold Typography in Web Design

Date: 02-01-2012

Big bold typography love...making a striking design statement

Who loves big BOLD TYPOGRAPHY? Oh wait - I know.. WE do!

What about you?

Big bold type is a killer way to create a striking design 

Using big bold type is an absolutely fantastic way to make your designs look better than ever. The reason big bold type can be so cool is that a well design typeface is truly a thing of beauty and grace. The lines, the shapes, the empty space in between letters... and the design that all that put together adds up to, can be nothing short of magnificent. It's eye candy to say the least.

How to ruin your design with big type

This is easy to do. It's simple... choose an ugly typeface, and your design will be ugly too. So take the time to learn good elegant type from bad poorly or quickly designed type. Like it or not, the best type is designed by pros that understand all the intricate nuances of letter shapes, spaces and forms. Learn what you can about the craft, it will help your design career forever!

Enjoy kids - here are some nice fun big bold type designs recently found on CoolHomepages: - Bind Academie

Bind Academie - Poke New York

Poke New York - TEDx Portland

TEDx Portland - Craft

Craft - Adam Stoddard

Adam Stoddard - Trent Walton

Trent Walton - viljamis

viljamis - Klaasco

Klaasco - Design Influence

Design Influence - Soulwire

Soulwire - Lavazza

Lavazza - Visualbox

Visualbox - Paramore

Paramore - We Run Mexico

We Run Mexico - English Workshop

English Workshop - Mcfarlane Change Management

Mcfarlane Change Management - p.erkins

p.erkins - Joel Glovier

Joel Glovier - Mccormack Morrison

Mccormack Morrison - Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin - Coucou Shop

Coucou Shop - rogerburkhard

rogerburkhard - - indubitablee

indubitablee - squarespace

squarespace - HUGE

HUGE - Stockholm Hair

Stockholm Hair - BASICS09

BASICS09 - Jones

Jones - Finch

Finch - LAB | M. Badimon

LAB | M. Badimon - Chama Inc

Chama Inc



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