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  5 likes, 6 repins, 44 comments, 131197 clicks

KristinStith WOW - this site demonstrates not only technical proficiency, but creative genius. A MUST see!

MarioMarcolin less IS more


ss24 This person obviously has a good sense of design. However, why is it that Flash designers always insist on using tiny microscopic text???

DeloresSheppard gr888 site!

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 29 comments, 8833 clicks

EdRogers What a site! Nice animations. I do like very much the "amblyop" serie and the Angels illustrations. I want to see more!

MilaineMoore My hat off to the guy who did that site! I like the cruel poetry of the Illustrations.

TomWilkerson I like this site VERY much indeed. It deserves honouring for many reasons. Not only for the animations (the juggler or the seagulls, or the poetic but funny amblyopia serie) but also for the sophisticated interface and its overall style. It is now in my "favourites".

LymanOdonnell Stylish, attractive, sophisticated... brillant!

JeddyGardiner Superb piece of work (art!). Surprises everywhere.

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 28 comments, 56677 clicks

BenChan2 excellent background music and cool pics

RickKing2 beautiful, classy, very cutting edge

CammilleLicklider the best site that I know right now for style and its look.

jeffgraston absolutely the sexiest and funkiest site on the net. great design, cool music and real killer photos. a masterpiece.

mariahenry pure and simply amazing!!

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 20 comments, 11356 clicks


JenKay YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SIMPSONS! BUT THE PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND SO I HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Liangjayni It seems to be very good,but I want to know how to download it?

jenniferCudzil I haven't seen it but it looks to me as if it were awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RizkySuganda Kereeeeeen!!

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  0 likes, 2 repins, 20 comments, 19799 clicks

ernypopse coooolll

KoratoMAX The concept and the 3d degins are well made.

GunesAkdogan Tan Real cool in all aspects

BurçUçak perfect valla

jokerjj Kool !

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2 Advanced

  1 likes, 4 repins, 19 comments, 31077 clicks

haruoka One of the best sites I have ever come across. Just way awesome!

yeskuwaityeskuwait if it is in my hand, I will take all the sites out of the web and leave this site by itself! Sorry yall :)

AlbertAgrillo1 The best site I have ever seen....period!

StanleyTang Definitely one of the best site on the web and a true design inspiration. It is no doubt that 2Advance have taken motion design to the next level.

djlightw8 The BEst

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 19 comments, 43533 clicks

NicolasRivas1 Its incredible this site, I just love it..... Look at those 3ds... and the stile they have..... You got 3 10´s out of me

DBranam2 "impossible to navigate" is a telling error of poor design

mn2 Addictive !

nitishjuttun1 Too Dark & unfriendly, but the creativeness & technology involved is way above the best of the best...

MarkoDzunja superb...Overall ideas are unique and a great inspiration for all of us !

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ITCat Media

  0 likes, 1 repins, 17 comments, 19474 clicks

cool site!

cemortaç perfect

MarcusRuffin its the bomb diggity

ImranKhan2 good site

johnahmed2 Not Bad... From: DreamStyler.com

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 16 comments, 90692 clicks

CliffordRacz This site breaks A LOT of the principles of "websitesthatsuck.com" as far as usability goes. For example, you have to wait quite a while for the flash to load over *broadband* to even see anything. And the sound is obnoxious! The target scope over the links is also a barrier to anyone sighted, let alone a low vision user. I do have to say though that the site is COOL, but that is greatly outweighed by the usability issues.

giangdan dfg

abdussalam it's good

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4 Guys

  0 likes, 1 repins, 15 comments, 13715 clicks

sengwaiho cool design ..with fantanstic features especially the flash ...uhmmm!

Manospaz Great color combination

LeahRuiz love the clean design. nice iconography. good use of copy to illustrate what each section is about. love how the imagery creates texture. but what happened to the fourth guy?! ;)

DBranam2 This site is easy to navigate, cleanly designed, and has a great balance of form vs function. It's a little lacking in the coolness factor, but their experience and confidence shines through.

KathyYahiro I can't express in words how cool this site is.

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Randomline Studio

  0 likes, 1 repins, 14 comments, 5089 clicks

kartiktaneja Excellent Design - very minimalist and cool!

SamirDixit It's classy and clean. Not cluttered like most websites are.

pasharmasharma Great Site!!

kanikavasudeva What an awesome site...i just love the name!!

Amanda MarionDyall Bachalli Fantastic website, with a great blend of design and usability

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Stein Branding

  0 likes, 1 repins, 13 comments, 6948 clicks

SoledadBasigalup It's the best site i see. It's spectacular. Innovator, ingenious, simple and something that in Internet is fundamental, pregnant and friendly user

LeandroMartinez Is amazing site, if considering that is a corporative site.

jorgepinto This is the best homepage I've have seen in my life.

josesaba Very cool and the look and feel is excelent!!!

SanMauourat La originalidad de esta pagina es realmente asombrosa

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wddg 1998

  0 likes, 1 repins, 12 comments, 10656 clicks

AndréKikkert1 Lack of overview.

JuneY really cool graphics!

JamesBass confused from the outset.

carlajourdan Love the design, but the color scheme is a little off putting.

charleskozora home page appears to have a large amount of content but too many links are "coming soon". went live too early? also, some of the type is too small to read, greatly reducing the usability of the site.

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Oxygen Productions

  0 likes, 1 repins, 11 comments, 9464 clicks

L.Francis1 A site that's the ultimate in coolness. Wonderful color scheme, terrific use of Flash, cool ambient music that can be changed, fast loading. Major thumbs up! :-)

KarlStahl1 Nice animation, dull colour scheme with not enough contrast. There should be at least one accent colour added. All of the text is very hard to read and not very crisp - something that plagues so many of these flash sites.

patradcliff The thumbnail is for the old site!

ClemHessler was probably cool when it came out but kind of cheesy now.

alfredbonzalio One of the best!!!

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Falcon Northwest

  0 likes, 1 repins, 10 comments, 17895 clicks

riolammering die beste site seit es internet gibt. gratulation an den webmaster

RosemariePena text too small, difficult to read......great design and flash, though!

frdde Great Effects

InessaMAtveeva Angel from Above

idaliu I really like it!

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 10 comments, 29818 clicks

LukeFritelli Awesome!

ahmedrezk I Want The Web Site Pleas Seant Me templet Site

antedogan super

DavidThomas3 well made.. but if I were trying to find somebodies work I wouldn't wait that long for a site to load

UweEssen sehr gut

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Netmosphere Design

  0 likes, 1 repins, 9 comments, 4257 clicks

LouisVega Excellent navigation. Best 'space theme' I've ever seen.

RobertLee Impressive !!!

DannyT1 YEAH KILLLLAHHH !!! I hired these guys !!! Stay tuned 4 my sites!!

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Yeah Yeah Design

  0 likes, 1 repins, 8 comments, 3815 clicks

GregoryKennedy Slick simple...exactly what I want, with a simple sense of style.

richardwilliams Great writing style, beautiful clean layout, great company name Go yeahyeah!

richwilliams1 the best Jerry, the best!

wouterwijtenburg2 Great design! Maybe I'll rip it.. hehehe Keep up the good thang!

steveconstable I think you guys have over rated this site. No way is this a site worth a nine or a ten rating. All of the interactive design techniques could be accomplished using Flash 3. I see a few visual tricks, but they are simple to perform using ancient flash technology. It does not show to me a cutting edge approach to web design.

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Andy Foulds

  0 likes, 1 repins, 8 comments, 31429 clicks

DarrenRichardson Top Bloke, who helped me out once, and has a site to make you wish it was yours.

haruoka Very Cool Site! I like the Amusements!

JasonLangley WOW! Incredibly done! The best flas I have seen ever. Works annd looks great.

ThomasSweeney Quite simply, genius. You have managed to utilize flash in a unique and interesting way...amazing

PamelaJarnagin Wow! Absolutely stunning, and very usable, too. Very inspiring. Your designs are gorgeous.

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WM Team

  0 likes, 3 repins, 8 comments, 8896 clicks

AngieYoung Superb!!!

christenebaker cool, very cool.

justinwynn This site has to be one of the most creative and cool sites I have ever seen. Talk about a sweet concept.

ArshadKarbelkar2 Entertaining, fun and interesting. Good work boys

JohnBoone PERFECT! Tested it on a 28.8 - didn't matter, it's built VERY well!

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Volume One

  0 likes, 1 repins, 8 comments, 14866 clicks

reidjackson1 Matt Owens never ceases to amaze!

claudiaChoi Fantastic flash movies&design! But I can't understand contents.

JohnGroff chaotic, gratuitous animation, spinning 3d text fragments are cliched and boring. However the layout is engaging. Not sure what the site is about...

DebiYoung I am not sure what the site was about.... I couldn't read or understand the text, but I did fine the rollovers, music and use of flash quite interesting...keep working on it

kazuyaharada BLC WEB WORKS

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Blitz Design Studios

  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 19082 clicks

KevinChan2 www.estudio.com - I hope they're the same company.. or else this is the biggest rip-off I've seen my entire life

JeffreyLogan1 The best I have ever seen.

IvanTodorov same folks from eStudio are at Blitz Digital. Check out the people section.

gravygravy very kewl

mentholali estudio and blitz are the same company and its the best site i have seen till now

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 12184 clicks


AlainSik Cool page...the only thing that bother me are tiled images when viewed at resolutin 1280x1024.

AleksandrsBetins nothing new nothing creative chek this: www.mooz.lv/test ninja@figurz.net

yochaima wellcome to coca cola yochai

CarolErks I felt the drawing power to stay with the ad. Followed up with intensity of what will happen next..followed up by a thirst, I could almost taste the coke. Excuse me I am thursty!!! Great ad

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  17 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 9661 clicks

canözsobay www.dj-jaan.com

kiko alfredoo awesome design .. very nice color combination

Elida canup Nice one

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me company

  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 19571 clicks

RhysJones1 It crashed my system....

DennisFesenmyer amazing, smart site. maybe someone needs to fix their "system" and stop projecting.

dn2 fricking cool

june7 damn good !!! never saw anything like this before

LindsayHolden3 This site looks fabulous...but its not practical.

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  0 likes, 2 repins, 7 comments, 46351 clicks

billfu great!!I love it!!!

JoyeeCastillo Punkista will love that!!!

JohnSimpson4 How cool is that? Minimalist design... with a surprise!

sharadaguguloth this is very nice and lern mor to this site.....

MichelleDozier Love this homepage!!! Michelle

Show all 7 comments.

Jennys Realm

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 5963 clicks

JerrySmith Great graphic design. Very rich and crisp and her work speaks for itself. Only disappointment was that the interface was a complete rip off of www.2advanced.com

JerryWicker Excellent design and layout. Great Flash work! If you are interested in partnering on some projects, just let me know. Check out my site at www.masterwebservice.com

DonVillanos1 Has a great portfolio...but I agree with the comment before a disappointment that this site looks like 2advanced.

SDennis well, we know she execute someone else's idea - now I look forward to seeing her imagination take hold.

JordanChavis Slow loading, also agree that it looks like 2advanced a bit

Show all 6 comments.

The Truth

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 5629 clicks

ReniaFatouros I love this---a great design and informative. Clever and very interesting.

KareenaMullany i liked the interaction

RenetteYan the red color grabs my attention right away. it's simple, yet good.

MattRagona it was different then other sites

CassyLynn I gave looked at this one because it was called the truth. and I wanted to see if it had the real truth on it.

Show all 6 comments.

Lauck Group

  0 likes, 3 repins, 6 comments, 8722 clicks

tedkollaja this is the most fabulous website i've seen today! i had to pick myself up off the floor after I saw it! those principals sure are good looking!

GaryMensch Boy this site is really Cool... Wish I could work for someone like this Gary Mensch

clarkhudson2 Too much!

NanKane1 too long to get where I wanted to.

Show all 6 comments.

Digital Imagination

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 3685 clicks

ChrisZecca1 Great use of Flash!

C.Oda1 that is a sick site....not very COOL....did anyone check out their really sad portfolio...generic power L's...how unique! how cool!....very very tired.

amasdfcoasf i think you were looking at their html page...which is completely unprofesional. however their flash site is a little better...

LakerFever weak use of flash - another bad design company watering down the market

angrybot2 i guess experience DOESN'T account for taste....

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Poseidon Resorts

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 4423 clicks

KatherineKosiba Love it. I want to be there.

CapCowen Really cool!

GregoryHartle This vacation resort looks amazing and I personally would love to visit.

KeleighHartle This Resort looks very nice and a fun place to visit.

CameronFarris2 Is this place for real? How do i sign up? That is the coolest video i've ever seen.

Show all 6 comments.

Black Dog Construction

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 6765 clicks

RowanneRobertson Am I missing something?????

MartinPribble1 I think it's pointing at the wrong site...

chrisfoster1 uhh.... I think there must be issues...

FilipGaliza1 Now I can get my blind cousins work listed on coolhomepages.com Sorry for the comments. Filip

RandyKanealy This has to be a bad link. The site it goes to doesn't match the coolhomepages screen shot at all.

Show all 6 comments.

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