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CATEGORY: Futuristic

Alien Station

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 5004 clicks

danmihalcea Wowww super, this is a great site


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  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2854 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 1812 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 1920 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 2634 clicks

GoranH Great site , easy to navigate , fun t osurf around. Great flash Superb high 10


  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 2379 clicks

LauraMoore These guys rock - they took my company image from average to exceptional!

NatellaPatella I used to work with the creative director of this company at Zefer Inc, Michael Aubert, one of the best designers in Boston - hands down. I love how they are pushing the limmits of flash!

ChrisAronis I usually don't deal with into pages - but this was worth it - kudos!

HarryJones nice use of video and flash - wow!


  0 likes, 2 repins, 20 comments, 19216 clicks

ernypopse coooolll

KoratoMAX The concept and the 3d degins are well made.

GunesAkdogan Tan Real cool in all aspects

BurçUçak perfect valla

jokerjj Kool !

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 4045 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 6390 clicks

AronAnderson great 3D. great style. sophisticated Flash style.


  0 likes, 2 repins, 4 comments, 14747 clicks

joeshmoe7 Amazing site. I need a flash site like that. Beautiful, pixelranger.

johnnyhobbit not impressed

MichaelRhino It's alright but you should see what they do at www.oxygen-productions.com. Nothing else comes close to Oxygen Production's work. They are usually one of the top 10 rated sites on CHP. From what I hear they are the first studio to use video integration and one of the first ones to ever use Flash. Most people copy them, yet they are accused by haters of repeatedly voting for their own site on CHP and many other sites. Bow don't hate. I've voted them all 10s myself.

Idrissiabdessamad i think pixelranger did a great job .. personally i appreciate and think is 5 degree better than www.oxygen-productions.com because the last on seems to be old fashioned and freezing in download.. anyway the tow are worth to vote for..

Oxygen Productions

  0 likes, 1 repins, 11 comments, 8949 clicks

L.Francis1 A site that's the ultimate in coolness. Wonderful color scheme, terrific use of Flash, cool ambient music that can be changed, fast loading. Major thumbs up! :-)

KarlStahl1 Nice animation, dull colour scheme with not enough contrast. There should be at least one accent colour added. All of the text is very hard to read and not very crisp - something that plagues so many of these flash sites.

patradcliff The thumbnail is for the old site!

ClemHessler was probably cool when it came out but kind of cheesy now.

alfredbonzalio One of the best!!!

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Mission Media

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 15158 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 9669 clicks

DonGrantham A beautiful yellow-grey color scheme and a neatly organized page layout make it clear that this is a graphic/web design company. The graphic design roots of the designers are apparent because of the coherent, no-nonse design approach they adopted. On the other hand, I think that if they apear to be a multimedia agency, then their site should reflect a little more animation and movement. All in all I think its a very crisp look with smoth transitions.


Ark Records

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 3174 clicks

sylviemiller brilliant


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 1852 clicks

The PublicVoice Bravo, another bad URL!

Jennys Realm

  0 likes, 1 repins, 6 comments, 5470 clicks

JerrySmith Great graphic design. Very rich and crisp and her work speaks for itself. Only disappointment was that the interface was a complete rip off of www.2advanced.com

JerryWicker Excellent design and layout. Great Flash work! If you are interested in partnering on some projects, just let me know. Check out my site at www.masterwebservice.com

DonVillanos1 Has a great portfolio...but I agree with the comment before a disappointment that this site looks like 2advanced.

SDennis well, we know she execute someone else's idea - now I look forward to seeing her imagination take hold.

JordanChavis Slow loading, also agree that it looks like 2advanced a bit

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Mad Rhino

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 4542 clicks

The PublicVoice I must admit, very clean and nicely animated, but websites with these themes are outdated. The team should have jumped on the bandwagon about 2 years ago when "Now Loading" was cool.

cmp the 2003 redux of this site is amazing. the fast-paced action-scripted animations, audio ambience and striking attention to detail have given "this" design student ispiration. damn impressive.

juleejohnson This site just keeps getting better and better. I love the Geisha in the main menu and all the those great visual effects. These folks rock! I think Cool HomePages should update their thumbnail of this site though -- the one they have now is very misleading.



  0 likes, 1 repins, 5 comments, 3818 clicks

JoonathanOskarsson I suppose it Ought to be liquid.se and not liquid.se.com Perhaps?

pereriksson Keep up the nice work!

davidbjörken Cool. Dhtml.

JonnyJamesson Not bad. But shouldn't there be some games?

JohnVan Vranken whoa, totally different design in Netscape... must have been a hassel to design for both

Blitz Design Studios

  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 18232 clicks

KevinChan2 www.estudio.com - I hope they're the same company.. or else this is the biggest rip-off I've seen my entire life

JeffreyLogan1 The best I have ever seen.

IvanTodorov same folks from eStudio are at Blitz Digital. Check out the people section.

gravygravy very kewl

mentholali estudio and blitz are the same company and its the best site i have seen till now

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 2849 clicks

NataliaToledo Rude Intro... the I hate 800 x 600 is out of control, and site is too personal, portfolio not available... Just blah


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2236 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 10 comments, 29139 clicks

LukeFritelli Awesome!

ahmedrezk I Want The Web Site Pleas Seant Me templet Site

antedogan super

DavidThomas3 well made.. but if I were trying to find somebodies work I wouldn't wait that long for a site to load

UweEssen sehr gut

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 4285 clicks

The PublicVoice Uhhh...innovative transitions (saw one on Flashkit last week)...ugly music..uh....red...submarine?


  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 4275 clicks

LizSolares Very hot!! Awesome graphics!

JenniferSchroeder Wow great graphic designs! Who designed this site?

dapadnadude This color scheme is so depressing, almost morbid.

MatthewBeasley The Site rocks!!! Great design and interactivity


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2394 clicks

Cazal Eyewear

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 10431 clicks

MichelleKitchens I think it's really cool.

CollinCroome1 Wow! Very nice design & animation

Klaus-PeterBrück coooook stuff

XL5 Design

  1 likes, 2 repins, 2 comments, 3995 clicks

AnandBhusari Fresh and Unique. Great Stuff.

IrasnaA Works showcased are awesome, especially the 3D images which are very impressive. Sleek and simple.

MBR web

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 2355 clicks

ManishMangrulkar Needs a little speed to reach the main page

Fiction Pixel

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3852 clicks

TKO Gear

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3627 clicks

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