Power of Monotone Plus Color Schemes : 13 Powerful Web Designs With Monotone Color Design

Power of Monotone Plus Color Schemes : 13 Powerful Web Designs With Monotone Color Design

Date: 11-15-2011
For years there has been one constant in color schemes that seems to stay in vogue: the monotone color palette.

Monotone can be defined as:

    1. Using a single neutral color such as black, light to medium grays, beiges, taupes, and off whites.

    2. Gives a feeling of calm, quiet quality or a classic understated look. Very subtle and very appealing for use in more expensive products.

I want to suggest you have TWO main choices if you like monotone color design:

    1. Completely strict monotone... and ...
    2. Monotone with an accent color!

I have to say I am a HUGE fan of monotone with an accent color - this typically means blacks, whites and grays, with a single splash of color to get the users attention and to break the monotony of monotone (sorry I had to say it!).

In another blog post, we'll soon be discussing the differences of monotone vs. monochrome color design... stay tune for that post.

The classic monotone web site design is of course Apple.com. It exudes class, restraint, crisp cleanliness, seriousness and focus. It would be the wrong choice for an exciting entertainment company, a pro wrestling program, or a health or beauty products company. Too boring. But it's perfect for the Apple image of clean, somewhat sparse and forward thinking uncluttered design.

You have to ask yourself when you choose a color scheme:  am I choosing this just because I like these colors, or am I choosing this because it's a good fit for the product, image or company I'm promoting?

Can a monotone design be used for less conservative projects? It depends on the design itself. Using bold large or off-axis typography can take a conservative design and turn it on it's ear - perfect for a less conservative use.

Below are some fantastic purely monotone color designs - but scroll down for my favorites - the MONOTONE PLUS designs :  monotone palette with an accent color! You can't go wrong with these! Have fun, and good luck choosing a strong palette for your next project.

Monotone color schemes:

Some great monotone PLUS color schemes:



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