Add your link to our roundup listing

    1. Step 1: Click Add Your Company bar in the roundup table, fill in your info
    2. Step 2: Preview and review your link before it goes live
    3. Step 3: Complete subscription payment (click PayPal subscribe button) to go live with your new link

So many benefits:

  • Low cost - 75% savings over most site ads at this level
  • Fantastic tier one exposure to web developers interested in your service
  • Build brand recognition, stay upfront in user's minds
  • Users return to this page for reference over and over
  • Help users understand your unique benefits
  • Strengthen your place among competitors
  • Once you purchase your slot, it's yours as long as you renew
  • Secure your place in the list before it's taken
  • Cancel anytime you like

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What's the cost?

Each roundup page is priced differently, based on the service listed, and the slot within the listing that you purchase. Prices range from $10 to $30 a month.

Average little 75x75 pixel ad squares on sites similar to CoolHomepages go for about $75 per month... so at around $20 this is a PHENOMENAL deal.

How does the subscription work?

We offer a 3 month subscription and an even better deal for a 6 month subscription. Unless you cancel your subscription inside your Paypal account, it will auto-renew at the end of your period, so that you don't lose your link position. If you meant to cancel and forgot, don't worry, we can refund you if needed.

Can I update my link information if I need to?

Yes, just email us any changes, we'll take care of it.

Can I purchase the link in the very top slot?

If you see an "Add your link here" bar in that slot, then yes!! Grab it before someone else does! But if the you don't see a  link to purchase the slot, you can email us and we'll put in on the waiting list - first come, first served, we promise.

Links are like real estate - as long as you renew, it's yours to keep. But if you lapse, then it's up for grabs.

Can I pay without Paypal?

No. But Paypal accepts Mastercard, VISA, American Express, bank debit and Paypal balance as payment methods... so that's a lot of payment choices!

What if I'm not happy? How do refunds work?

We REALLY want you to be happy. We do!  First off - you pay at the beginning of the ad period. If you meant to cancel your link and contact us within 5 days of your renewal monthly date, we will cancel your link and promptly refund you for that period. If you cancel after the 15th day of your ad period, then we will cancel your subscription so you don't renew for the coming/next period - but your ad will run through the end of the current period, we don't normally refund it at that point.

Can I buy more than one link?

No. One link per company. However! If things are working out well, contact us about Newsletter ads - we send our newsletter out to about 65,000 users monthly and we can set you up.

<< OK fine, I'm ready to go back and add my link

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