CoolHomepages Is Not For Sale


After 20 years of global design inspiration, CoolHomepages has found a new home.



CHP is Under New Management

Tim and Dawn Donahue have worked on building CHP for over 20 years, but life in Cali and the proximity of the beach is just too much of a distraction.

So, let's introduce the new guy: Karl Hindle and Wellspring Search

Karl is an import from the UK and based across from the slopes of Liberty Mountain PA, while Wellspring Search has offices in Gettysburg PA and Frederick MD.

Karl Hindle

Tim is not sailing off into the sunset just yet, because he's staying on in a consulting role to help us pick up the reins at CHP and move to a new level.

It's going to be a fun ride!

Bottom line is that I've just been running it way too long. Over time the site has provided us with a phenomenal way to make money and launch new business ventures. It's been amazing and continues to make free money for us day and night. It's literally a free money machine and has been for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for a way to create a healthy passive income - this would be an excellent opportunity.

But I am not making the time for it that I should in order to keep it pumping and healthy. I'm busy doing other things I enjoy after 20 years. It needs a new owner who wants to spend some time working the site, to reap the rewards. This means content creation, newsletters, affiliate deals and promotions, social media, and there are many many other possibilities.

Particularly if you're in the template or web development space, this is an amazing opportunity. There are a lot of people daily who come to the site needed web development or design services, so there are huge opportunities to monetize this.

Why should I be interested?

CoolHomepages is known worldwide as the oldest design inspiration gallery. It has enjoyed enormous worldwide recognition for 20 years.  But the real reason you should be considering CoolHomepages from a business perspective - there is an enormous opportunity.

Over the years, CHP has been making money in a number of ways - most of which are passive income (the free money machine):

  • selling web design templates
  • selling advertising on the site
  • selling advertising in newsletters
  • selling web design review services
  • selling pages within our web developer directory 
  • promoting affiliate programs via the site, the newsletter, the blog
  • launching a handful of successful new businesses from the site

How much time does it take to run the site? 

Sadly, I've put in nearly zero time on it the last few years... this is why it's time to boot me and find a new owner. Yet it still makes us money every month rain or shine. But if you want to take over, the idea would be to put some time and effort in optimizing the site and the revenue streams, so it will be up to you to decide how much time you'll spend.  In it's heyday, we used to do 4-5 million page views monthly and during those days I spent probably 15-20 hours a week on it. But it will be your call - you get out of it what you put into it.

What platform is the site built on?

Mostly standard L.A.M.P. (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). It uses a custom templating system that is modular and reasonably easy to understand and tweak. There is a very full featured backend with GUI admin dashboards, so if you're not a coder you can still do all the generalities.

How much do you want for it? 

Based on it's history of earnings, cost to maintain, age of URL, over 140,000 external backlinks and opportunities, we believe $15K USD to be a very fair price. This is a 1.5x multiple of the last few years profit after expenses.

We are not looking for a trade or a revenue share of anything short of a cash transaction.

I'm interested, what's next?

See above for some basic site traffic and other stats. Please take a look, and then contact me with any questions. I can send you full details of financials and traffic, screen grabs of backend, Google analytics, and give you a tour, show you code, whatever is needed etc. etc. and we can try to move forward! Again please note that we are not looking for a trade or a revenue share of anything short of a cash transaction and will not be able to reply to inquiries involving otherwise. 

Email me at: with the subject line "CHP For Sale"    


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