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soup agency

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Studio Breakfast

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Mooze Design

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Glenn Lord design

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Dawn Donahue Dawn Donahue

kiko alfredoo great stuff

Elida canup Wonderful

Ron Pearce awesome design

Steve Lee awesome stuff

awesome design

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mind movers

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  6 likes, 8 repins, 1 comments, 6899 clicks

Dawn Donahue Dawn Donahue

Moeiskindacool Wow this is awsome I want this!!

Francesca Nini

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More Soda

  3 likes, 9 repins, 2 comments, 7477 clicks

Dawn Donahue Dawn Donahue

captainsky I LOVE the HEADLINE in this image. The POWER of a mere four words with such IMPACT; the metaphor here works perfectly to convey the message of inspiring creativity and uniqueness. The HEADLINE matches again well with the image of the bottle with the different services in little bubbles that are contained in the bottle. It seems as though the website services are targeted more to individuals as opposed to companies, because "...help PEOPLE get things done online". It reads more personal than many websites that are targeting companies. Yes, there is a list of companies shown on the bottom, but I did not see them until after I had read the sub-headline copy and checked out the wonderful graphics. So, maybe this web page is actually targeting companies and individuals at the same time, which if that is how others view it than you have a very successful home page. One more thing, and it is just something that popped--no pun intended--into my head. It is the copy above the companies, "Who have we Helped?," and for some reason I think that perhaps a different choice of words might have more impact. What words, I cannot only guess, "Who have we boosted?," "Who have we enhanced?" I am not a copywriter, so these examples above are randomly and quickly pulled from my brain; however, if the designer or a copywriter thought on it for awhile perhaps something stronger would replace what is presently there. Yes, that is it, I think the statement should use a STRONGER verb to convey the message. In the end, regardless of anything that I pointed out as less than ideal on this home page, I still LOVE it. Whomever designed this is incredibly creative. With Dreamweaver CS5 almost anyone can create a CSS coded page with a particular layout but it is what you stick in those gaping spaces that counts--be it inspiring content or beautiful graphics that demonstrate superb continuity as this home page does so well makes visitors feel confident about the company behind the images and copy. Kudos to the designer:)

mike hunter I agree I like this design a lot. Great colors, type and layout. It's hard to stand out as a design these days and this one is eye catching. Like it.

This Is Tommy

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Craig Connects

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