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CATEGORY: All Categories

Cartoon Network

  0 likes, 2 repins, 5 comments, 3195 clicks

padmasirigiri gfhjf ehafgea fewygewq rehqg

AmandaLord baf screw this

DanielMcGuire Custom Games

KaraLone Nahhh

chrishuffman Its cool and I like how the web site is layed out!

Disney Blast

  0 likes, 1 repins, 5 comments, 4355 clicks

wuroger good

KaylaFristoe this is a good page kids!?!?! Good Job@

JohnMcGuil NONE

krissiesaunders hey everyone hows it going yeah it great here this is a tight page keep come and have more people come on here it GGGGRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JakeScott where ever there is disney there is kids

Yuckiest Site

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 3189 clicks

JamieHellenberg neva been there!

Parent Soup

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 3345 clicks

joedd This site is ok

chrish1 Is this a "Cool Homepage"? Methinks not...

AB27 but this's not for sale ???

LindseyVINZANT how cute...

Kenneth Cole

  0 likes, 3 repins, 1 comments, 32227 clicks

Johanvan Noordwyk The site lacks navigation but is all together really well designed and looks very good. Just get the navigation up to scratch and the site will be perfect. Nice one guys >>-ACMstudios-<<

Communication Arts

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3985 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 4408 clicks

Razorfish Subnetwork

  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 7312 clicks

Giant Robot

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2820 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 1759 clicks

Interscope Records

  0 likes, 1 repins, 5 comments, 7518 clicks

I'm surprised people don't like this site better!

ScottToothman Needs contact info - Record label people to help promote and answer questions about company.

joshhdokus Yeah, I cant find anything aout about teh company

fritzoelberg why no support to macintosh users on web ???

MargoRodgers How DO I contact them!! Arrrrgh.

Hillman Curtis Design

  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 10975 clicks

pawelurbanski For a guy who's a master of Flash, this site bites the big one.

ThomCollins I have to agreee with osieczna, the site is very boring and dull.

wddg 1998

  0 likes, 1 repins, 12 comments, 10750 clicks

AndréKikkert1 Lack of overview.

JuneY really cool graphics!

JamesBass confused from the outset.

carlajourdan Love the design, but the color scheme is a little off putting.

charleskozora home page appears to have a large amount of content but too many links are "coming soon". went live too early? also, some of the type is too small to read, greatly reducing the usability of the site.

Show all 12 comments.

E3 Direktiv

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 20546 clicks

MazharAli1 its a cool site


  17 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 9752 clicks

canözsobay www.dj-jaan.com

kiko alfredoo awesome design .. very nice color combination

Elida canup Nice one

Show all 7 comments.

The Edge

  0 likes, 1 repins, 5 comments, 5993 clicks

fdsdsfjdsfdsabndfjkdsf PAGE STINKS!

ErinPatterson This site wasn't exclusivly about sports. The page was called "index" not "The Edge" as it should have been. Over all it was ok except the flashing and too quickly ad on the top right hand side of the opening page was too distracting. EDP

GiuseppeCerbino Cool site. YOOOOOGGAAAA!!!

GURBYCHEEMA not bad could be better..

shaneVan Meter this site is cool and i like it how about you

raging Pixels

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 4357 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 11121 clicks

This is a fun site!


  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 1150 clicks

pawelurbanski Navigation suks

EricAkers Great looking website, just wish I knew what it's for...???

AdrianKinloch If this site was a car it would be very difficult to handle but oh boy it would be worth the ride

charleskozora good: layout, consistent concept, look/feel bad: terrible navigation such to significantly reduce the site usability what is the purpose of the site?

dd Bunch

  0 likes, 1 repins, 3 comments, 8722 clicks

kellyparkins TOO MUCH FLASH-DOODLING!!! wait, wait...where's the content?

AlbertoCecchi the main content is the cool music...........

silviamaiw Very cool design typography and advanced scripting...... always good the music


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2794 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 4811 clicks

WilReed Very clean and usable layout...not cluttered

L.Francis1 Amazing-- NBCi actually thought adding Flash to the header of this fugly design would help! Blech. Nice color scheme, BTW-- can't get enough of that beautiful greeeey!


  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 2583 clicks

MartinGoodson It's a great site, I find it very useful every day ... but loathe the grey. Would it have killed them to use the more user-friendly white background?

FaisalJamal It's is really a very good site. I find it useful when ever i logged in.It provide me help to Purchase new things.

SalmanMunir nice site - industry standard

LucaVangone Yahoo! is definitely the best (or should I say the only) way to really find what you're looking for online. Since their criteria when selecting websites are so strict (ALL sites added to the directory are carefully viewed and chosen by REAL human beings), you can be quite sure that you'll find only the best sites in the category you're interested in. Anyway, in case you're not satisfied with the results, Yahoo! simultaneuosly scans the net with Google, which simply lists sites that are spidered by robots. To sum up, you you can both find carefully hand picked sites and those endless sites listings that any other search engine can provide, all in the same place. Last but not least, Yahoo! just features ANY services you can ever need, even those you had never thought would exist or you could use! You could virtually do whatever online without leaving the Yahoo! pages! The bad thing's that Yahoo!, just as Microsoft for software, is increasingly becoming a monopoly online, absorbing any kind of sites offering any kind of service (Egroups is now Yahoo! for example...), this harming the good old diversity and peculiarity that different sites held.

Dr.Zeus2 Two solutions for getting rid of the gray: Change your default background color in Netscape or switch to MSIE.

Show all 7 comments.


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 2200 clicks

MartinGoodson Extremely useful site. Navigation is good, but can be a bit tedious to trawl around ;)

Circle Makers

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 9205 clicks

tatiananagorniouk some thing new & look great.

GarySteffins1 What's up with the top left hidden mouse-over link that opens a useless shockwave movie wizard hell.

PaulaPeel boring

jasonbennett I saw cool science lookin stuff. also, i saw blue, strangely blue cathes my eye better than most colors.

ABC News

  0 likes, 2 repins, 0 comments, 2134 clicks

CBS Sportsline

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 3987 clicks

fdsdsfjdsfdsabndfjkdsf please do us all a favor and stop making pages it is horrible

IanClarke2 no comments

TroyDean2 A little hard to follow, but it is very informative as long as you can find what you are looking for.


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2054 clicks

CNet Builder

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 1788 clicks

Internet World

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 1775 clicks

The Golf Channel

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3040 clicks

The Discovery Channel

  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 2871 clicks

SteveLange1 The new version of this site is absolutely incredible. Excellent, IMHO, use of Flash, as well as very clean design and a very usable interface. Probably the best portal-style site I've ever seen.

ReneHertell Flash-sites are annoying! It's now "multimedia" instead of a webpage.

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