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Giant Robot

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 2774 clicks

Razorfish Subnetwork

  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 7238 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 4367 clicks

Communication Arts

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3948 clicks

Kenneth Cole

  0 likes, 3 repins, 1 comments, 32123 clicks

Johanvan Noordwyk The site lacks navigation but is all together really well designed and looks very good. Just get the navigation up to scratch and the site will be perfect. Nice one guys >>-ACMstudios-<<

Parent Soup

  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 3323 clicks

joedd This site is ok

chrish1 Is this a "Cool Homepage"? Methinks not...

AB27 but this's not for sale ???

LindseyVINZANT how cute...

Yuckiest Site

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 3151 clicks

JamieHellenberg neva been there!

Disney Blast

  0 likes, 1 repins, 5 comments, 4306 clicks

wuroger good

KaylaFristoe this is a good page kids!?!?! Good Job@

JohnMcGuil NONE

krissiesaunders hey everyone hows it going yeah it great here this is a tight page keep come and have more people come on here it GGGGRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JakeScott where ever there is disney there is kids

Cartoon Network

  0 likes, 2 repins, 5 comments, 3163 clicks

padmasirigiri gfhjf ehafgea fewygewq rehqg

AmandaLord baf screw this

DanielMcGuire Custom Games

KaraLone Nahhh

chrishuffman Its cool and I like how the web site is layed out!


  0 likes, 1 repins, 4 comments, 3825 clicks

mauricedavis2 i think the homepage is really aswume i love nick.com

DanielMcGuire 0Great Page By,Nickedlodeon

devynhowell Radio disney rocks

charlesHaskayne Nickelodeon is cool from charles@amandahaskayne.co.uk


  0 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 6840 clicks

wuroger gfjhtgdjhkjs

DaewooWang Test

sarahcarty its really enjoyable

ashleywilliams i just love it

erinmanning This wbsite is for little kids not our age

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 3 comments, 14321 clicks


XiZhu xier_zhu@163.net

AmandaLord BAF BAF BAF BAF BAF THIS SIT KIX A$$ ps, i love bobby.b


  0 likes, 1 repins, 19 comments, 43533 clicks

NicolasRivas1 Its incredible this site, I just love it..... Look at those 3ds... and the stile they have..... You got 3 10´s out of me

DBranam2 "impossible to navigate" is a telling error of poor design

mn2 Addictive !

nitishjuttun1 Too Dark & unfriendly, but the creativeness & technology involved is way above the best of the best...

MarkoDzunja superb...Overall ideas are unique and a great inspiration for all of us !

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  16 likes, 1 repins, 7 comments, 4719 clicks

L.Francis1 Like all sites at MSN, too crammed with ads to be enjoyable. Nice work, but have seen better-- Ibm.com, f'r'instance.

kiko alfredoo awesome design i think

sophia hayden nice design

Ron Pearce good work

nice idea

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 9104 clicks

L.Francis1 Nice, pretty site and cool use of blue.

The Golf Channel

  0 likes, 1 repins, 3 comments, 3627 clicks

VictoriaMroczkowski have to change to full screen to see all of the left nav bar...?

PaulWise I miss Peter Kessler. Where is he???????????????

L.Francis1 Three words: Big. Sprawling. Messy. Appalling. Oh, wait-- that was four words! :p

Volume One

  0 likes, 1 repins, 8 comments, 14866 clicks

reidjackson1 Matt Owens never ceases to amaze!

claudiaChoi Fantastic flash movies&design! But I can't understand contents.

JohnGroff chaotic, gratuitous animation, spinning 3d text fragments are cliched and boring. However the layout is engaging. Not sure what the site is about...

DebiYoung I am not sure what the site was about.... I couldn't read or understand the text, but I did fine the rollovers, music and use of flash quite interesting...keep working on it

kazuyaharada BLC WEB WORKS

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4 Guys

  0 likes, 1 repins, 15 comments, 13715 clicks

sengwaiho cool design ..with fantanstic features especially the flash ...uhmmm!

Manospaz Great color combination

LeahRuiz love the clean design. nice iconography. good use of copy to illustrate what each section is about. love how the imagery creates texture. but what happened to the fourth guy?! ;)

DBranam2 This site is easy to navigate, cleanly designed, and has a great balance of form vs function. It's a little lacking in the coolness factor, but their experience and confidence shines through.

KathyYahiro I can't express in words how cool this site is.

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Art Center College

  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 3370 clicks

JoePower2 I'd fire anyone working for me that designed something like this.

ChrisSeabourne Be simple it's more appealing

Ricco Vero

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 2859 clicks

murrayfreedman Quite liked this site - its simple and stylish and easy to navigate - can't understand the low score so far - is it too trendy?

Nissan Pathfinder

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 17991 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 4888 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 19 comments, 19592 clicks

michacommeren this is a realy Different shop for once, i'm into snop building myself. but THIS kicks total asss Thumbs up greetz MiChA ;/

daniellaallon This site is deffenitly one of the best!!! Totaly cool cool and cool again ***dani***

ElizabethJohnson2 I think your products are absolutely fab but your prises are set a touch high. Bring 'em down $30/$40.

JohnSinclair1 Excellent color sense. Good use of red, which isn't always easy to incorporate. The design elements -- the main theme -- translates well across all the site's pages.

AmandaLord Yes I agree wit lorax_26@hotmail.com your prices are way too high i would never buy anything there unless the price was brought down a little

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  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 5182 clicks

DORISHII i like it!! the composition( at the home page)

eg5 I always have problems getting to the part of the site that you buy cd's from. Also, the site layout has not changed for a long time.


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 7187 clicks

sessasessa the layout does not stay consistent.


  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 10105 clicks

MostafaMourad1 Its such a professional web site.

AlexSlade Very good work


  1 likes, 2 repins, 1 comments, 15102 clicks

ChrisJensen1 the alignment of the homepage is screwy in IE 5 on mac

Levi Strauss

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 16189 clicks

RasikaGunasena it`s very attracktive


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 5975 clicks

JonuDslugo1 cool, not that many site works in NS6.1, this one does and that does says a lot about the design. ;)


  0 likes, 1 repins, 3 comments, 29720 clicks

I love the clean GAP look. big fan of really clean sites like this...

Maartenvan Lieshout This is what I get when clicking gaplink Directory Listing Denied This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

aleksandramilakovic This site does not work


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 8655 clicks

JoePerry1 Once again, another design screenshot on your site that is nowhere to be found on the actual web site

Honda Motorcycles

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 23452 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 3834 clicks

StephenGallacher Simple but effective

Sundance Channel

  1 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 5241 clicks

Rough Cut

  0 likes, 1 repins, 0 comments, 3206 clicks


  0 likes, 1 repins, 2 comments, 3117 clicks

ArcadioRuiz-Castellanp uninteresting disign. it's more functional than visual. It should be both

namlong kekeke

New Line Cinema

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 4009 clicks

halleycroteau great to see you!

TV Guide

  0 likes, 1 repins, 1 comments, 5881 clicks

Boalt Interactive

  1 likes, 0 repins, 0 comments, 50107 clicks


  5 likes, 6 repins, 44 comments, 131197 clicks

KristinStith WOW - this site demonstrates not only technical proficiency, but creative genius. A MUST see!

MarioMarcolin less IS more


ss24 This person obviously has a good sense of design. However, why is it that Flash designers always insist on using tiny microscopic text???

DeloresSheppard gr888 site!

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