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There are people searching for web developers right now on CoolHomepages - is your company portfolio in front of them?

People contact us looking for a good web developer all the time here at CoolHomepages - this is your chance to get in front of these prospective clients and gain brand and company visibility for about the price of a cheap lunch.

Each listing comes with a Quote Inquiry form so users can tell you about their project needs and receive quotes and follow-up communication with your firm. Once you make contact with the client, we are out of the loop - there are no percentage-based fees or other fees of ANY kind.

  • Get your portfolio listed in a few easy steps:

    1. 1. Log into your free CoolHomepages account
    2. 2. Enter your company details and samples in Designer Portfolio page
    3. 3. Complete purchase at Paypal for your Designer Portfolio listing
    4. 4. Start receiving inquiries from prospective clients

Getting in front of new clients while they are thinking about purchasing your services is the first key to effective marketing for web developers.

Introductory cost is just $8 month - but this will go up soon. If you sign up now, your $8/month cost is guaranteed not to change for at least 2 years.

WAIT! Let's think about this before you sign up. We need to make sure it makes sense financially.... 

Let's do the math: What's the average size of a project your company handles? $2,500? $5,000? $20,000? Now imagine you get JUST one job per year from your listing here, is it worth the $96/year ($8 x 12 months) you paid? OF course it is! Itibetter be or you're in the wrong business. And let's not forget the value of that client in the future for follow-on work, it all adds up.

I know for a fact that one of our developers recently signed a job for over $100,000 from a CHP referral. Now THAT would be a fantastic return for your money. But if you only got one job for a few thousand dollars - it's still worth it - and that's practically a worst case scenario.

What about Sortfolio? You could spend your money there instead... but they charge $99 a MONTH for the same listing we charge $8 for, not to mention they have thousands of listings which means less chance for you to find a client through all the noise.

There's a great marketing lesson from the fellow who owns the Sleep Train Mattress stores here in California... you see his ads EVERYWHERE. Somebody asked him about it once and he said "People only buy a mattress once every ten years. I need to make sure my business is front of them on the day it happens because it isn't often that they are ready to buy one!"

You need to be in front of the buyers on the day they decide they are ready to find a developer too.

We think it's a no-brainer to find more work at a cost that's less than most of you spend on your lunch - give it a try!

CoolHomepages Design Portfolio Benefits:

  • Low, low cost... about the same as your lunch
  • Get your company in front of clients who are ready to begin projects
  • Receive quote requests starting today
  • Increase your reach, increase your business
  • If you're looking for clients you need to market to them
  • Just one referred client per year MORE than covers your annual portfolio costs!
  • Gain brand recognition and trust when clients see your company listed
  • Exclusive listing - we have only a few hundred designers whereas other listing sites have many thousands to compete against

Designer Portfolio listing
just $8 month

Note: This is a subscription - the first payment is for 6 months, or $48. Your account will be automatically renewed through Paypal every 6 months. You can cancel at ANY time before or after the 6 month period is up, via Paypal, or by contacting CoolHomepages, no problem and we will refund pro-rated amount owed to you - 100% guaranteed.




Here's an example portfolio:

sample designer portfolio

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