Warren Kramer & Associates

Typical project budget range: < $500 to $10,000
Headquartered in: Norton Shores, MI, USA
Nearby large cities: Grand Rapids, MI
Company size: Individual/Freelancer
Specializing in: Digital Art, Digital and Conventional Cover Illustration, Print design, Marketing, Logo design, Illustration, Corporate identity, Website design & development,

Fact is, I'm weary of boasting. Over three decades in the communication arts should have taught me to just point you to the work and let you decide. 

Yes, I have the education and the experience, both breadth and depth, and... oh forget it, how about I let others do the talking:

“Warren is a truly gifted designer — a creative and out-of-the-box thinker. He listens carefully to the needs of his customers, both internal and external, and always delivers more than expected." –former co-worker

“He took even the simplest assignments and created works of art. He contributed to leveraging the corporate brand standards into cutting edge interactive pieces.” –former supervisor

“Warren does what we call “clean” design; focused and purposeful. He

works well with our team, and we like the level of expertise he brings.” –client

“Warren is a great design and has a fantastic grasp of and passion for solid design fundamentals. I have learned a lot of what I know from Warren and he is my regular go-to guy for feedback and design tips.” –designer I supervised

“Warren is able to leverage years of experience in print and web design to provide integrated solutions that exceed expectations. He is a creative team player who provides quality work in every step of the process.” –partner for multiple projects

“We had the privilege of working closely with Warren in the creation of a unique and trend-setting web site. That site received national recognition and a top award from the National Religious Broadcasters. Warren was an exceptional professional to

work with.” –photographer partner

“Warren created our brand look and did the graphics on all of our major projects and products. He does great work!” –client

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