Typical project budget range: < $500 to $10,000
Headquartered in: Karachi, Sindh, PAK
Nearby large cities: Karachi
Company size: Individual/Freelancer
Specializing in: Search engine optimization, Print design, Marketing, Logo design, Corporate identity, Website design & development,

Work experience of over 10 years plus as freelance designer, design consultant and has worked with companies like verticity.com, Pexsol interactive, Etrendz.net.

Innovative design is my passion. Creative solutions are my obsession. I am constantly searching for opportunities to expand my skill and knowledge base; to grow as a designer as well as an individual. Success, for me, is defined as client satisfaction through effective design and ethical business practices. Creative, diligent, versatile, project-oriented, committed to quality. Strong organizational and analytical skills are my earnings.

creative, passionate, and persistent in approach to innovative design. work well alone, or in a group setting, and adapt quickly to new situations. designed Websites, Flash Presentations, Logos, Corporate Identities and integrated print ads.


Websites, Flash Presentations, Logos, Corporate Identities and integrated print


"Exceptionaly creative, wildly thoughtful, thinks distinct, always messing with standards, out-bound rare creature to work along.” December 13, 2007

 Husnain Raza,
Chief Executive Officer, OutsourceAge

“Kamran Ata is one of the finest creative heads I have known. He has a deep knowledge in the line of media production. He is brilliant with the website designing and concept envisioning. I wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors.”

Adeel Salman
Band leader, vocals, guitars, Anesthezia (colleague)

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Kamran is a very hard working creative individual...you will be surprised by his enthusiasm for your project.”

TEE-M (Tariq Mirza)

TEE-M hired  kamran as
Graphic/Web Designer in 2007

“Kamran is one of those people who spread energy around them like fire. He is always willing to take an initiative and go the extra mile for his projects. It was great working with him.”

arah Ahmad
Radio Jockey (part time), FM 101. Karachi, Pakistan.


designed layouts for a UAE based Tv production company


designed layout for the senior producer of VOA (URDU)


designed layouts for an interior decorator and furniture company


designed layouts for Mens fashion designer Jazib Qamar