10 Free and Useful Tools for Web Designers

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Web design and development is a topic of constant change. In the fast-paced IT world, it is hard to keep up with all the novelties introduced to the market every day. Some of the tools are free, some are not. This list focuses on those for which developers don’t have to pay and still find them useful and attractive.

1. Infinite Slider

This plugin works for websites using WordPress engine and allows web designers to present their posts in a form of more than twenty slides brought up right in front of the users’ eyes. The slides can contain pictures, teasers or posts. The way they are shown can be set manually or the application can do it automatically. The main advantage over competition is the number of slides shown at the same time, which in this case is far greater.

2. WinJS

With WinJS web designers are able to create excellent applications in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It makes app development more comfortable by providing users with a huge set of features, which help them design the framework, structure and content of a desired application. WinJS also comes with great support for all types of UI controls.

3. Laravel

Laravel is an excellent tool for PHP designers, which makes coding easier and more flexible. It also works with Symfony, which gives programmers a chance to develop a reliable structure of their work. Laravel includes template building and hosting as well, which makes it a great choice for all developers.

4. Jiko

Jiko is an open-source JS template engine which provides a fast and reliable option for all JavaScript programmers. It offers simplicity and directness, multiple templates support and quick compilation. Jiko works both in the browser and in Node.js.

5. GitHub

This is the place to share your coding experience with others. GitHub is a platform where programmers go to ask questions and dispel doubts concerned with their work. Apart from valuable advice, it provides users with chances of establishing business contacts and collaboration projects.

6. Notepad++

Notepad++ allows users to create and modify code with ease. Two particular functions can be very helpful. One called ‘syntax highlighting’ enables quick reading and understanding of the code and consequently, facilitates rapid changes. Another feature is ‘code folding’, which makes it possible to cover and uncover parts of the code to aid speedy alterations.

7. ImageOptim

While designing a website, it is usually time-consuming to manipulate all the images which we want to use. ImageOptim is a free web-based tool which facilitates designers’ work with pictures. It allows compressing, resizing, working with colour profiles and much more.

8. IM Creator

This is a tool which allows easy web creation even for beginners, providing users with a lot of templates, editors and friendly interface. It is easy to use and neat in look. Besides web design, this platform also make hosting and domain upkeep possible.

9. Wix

Wix is another web design tool for everyone looking for a fast, user-friendly HTML5 option. Wix helped over five million users create their websites with its hundreds of varied templates and simple design editor. What is more, this project enables users to promote their sites and make them mobile friendly.

10. Google Web Designer

This software delivered by the web giant allows building interactive websites and advertisements using HTML5. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac systems and focuses on great interactive ad design. Being a part of Google family, it is fully integrated with other products like Google Drive and Google AdWords.


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