Users! Send us your articles and news!

09/10/2019 0 Comment

Users!! Submit your own web design articles  and news to us!

Get some promotion:  If we use your piece we’ll add a credit with your name and your site! Help the world – write a web design good article (choose any hot topic: CSS, Photoshop, SEO, Design, Typography, etc., etc.)

We are not looking for purely self-promotional submissions.. if you are submitting info about a product you sell, we won’t be posting it, unless it happens to be very appropriate for our web designer audience. We are really looking for helpful tutorials, tips, tricks, as well as opinions on web design, web technology, color, typography, web design software, working in a web design office, etc.

We have a good sense of humor, so funny creative stuff is great. Thanks all. Let the submissions begin!