Chrome Surpasses Firefox – Web Developers Take Note

09/10/2019 0 Comment

End of an Era?

Well, incredibly, Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is no longer the underdog of the web.

Personally, I like both browsers for different reasons. And as a web developer, the most important thing is not even the browser, it’s the Web Developers toolbar!! (thanks to CHRIS PEDERICK!! super awesome mega dude!!)   Strangely, my favorite feature on Web Developers Toolbar which is real-time CSS editing, doesn’t work well with Chrome (on OS X at least) and is suuuupper slow and sticky. So I always use Firefox and WDT for tweaking CSS on projects. There’s nothing like real-time CSS editing if you haven’t tried it – it will change your life.

But blah… Chrome doesn’t work well for that feature. Maybe soon.  Anyway, more about the browser wars:

According to StatCounter, a web analytics company that tracks browser
market share, Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the
second most used web browser in the world. For the first time Chrome also managed to beat out Firefox to become
the most used web browser among both and

StatCounter claims that for November 2011 Chrome accounted for 25.69 percent of browsers
on the web while Firefox trailed it by the tiniest of margins at 25.23
percent. Both still pale in comparison to Internet Explorer’s 40.63
percent market share.