How To Learn jQuery In A Hurry – Best Sites And Tutorials

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Learning to use jQuery and why it’s important

Website design is more than just having a good-looking site. It is about having a site that is structured right, runs well on any platform, and is smooth, slick and light. JQuery has become the javascript library of choice, and is arguably the standard JavaScript library for simplifying HTML scripting. Big name companies like Google, CBS, and Netflix, (just to name a small few of them) with super-huge traffic and volume, have been running it for some time. The goal is to get a whole lot more done, while writing a whole lot less. If you are in the business of web design or site development, getting acquainted, and then really getting to know the jQuery project, is absolutely essential. So, how to learn to use jQuery? Here is where you get started.

The official jQuery site has lots of tutorials

The first version of the code was initially released back in 2006, and has been growing ever since. The free open source software continues to evolve, and is used in the majority of the world’s top websites. The official site is extremely useful for more than a series of jQuery tutorials that take you from your first baby steps, right through to ongoing and very specific tips and hints. The site provides a central location for discussion and is continuously evolving. User participation includes discussions, advice, and even user uploaded solutions and idea sharing.

Definitely start with the tutorials section on the official site to get a jump start.

Tons of jQuery learning resources at third party sites

While the official site is the place to start, supplementing your nuts and bolts learning with third party websites is also highly recommended. It is not always important to work through the official documentation before using them. Video tutorials, and a more casual approach from many of these sites will certainly help you get a grasp of the examples and the step-by-step walk through at home base. jQuery has become somewhat of a cult, and is certainly a global community. Find the sites that suit your learning style and way of working. I have always found casual sites with a lot of video to speed up everything new I’m trying to learn.

Get trained – take a training course

Sometimes it just makes sense to take a paid course if you really need to get things going with jQuery right away – which you might.

Sure, a lot of us like to learn on our own because that is what we have been doing all along, but with the rapid development and viral growth of the platform, getting help from those who know it well is something to consider. Being shown features that are immediately important to current site trends and cutting to the chase of what you need to get started with a blast will mean you will spend less time on learning everything because top training agencies are very focused on results and helping you learn fast. Courses will help you focus on what you need now, because you are already a little late.

Use social networking sites for support

Social media platforms are fast replacing forums sites and other online communities as a source for immediate solutions. You can use Facebook and other social media sites to fire off questions and expect rapid shared-support, when you join the right groups. There is nothing worse than getting held back on your work as you learn. Community support and idea sharing is certainly the way to learn and keep pushing forward. Essentially, keep working and get those bite-sized essentials when you hit a bump in the code.

Learning to use this modulated code is never really over and really adds a new tool to your web design belt. There is always just as much on the horizon, as there is back down your code. Learning jQuery will never quite be over.

Fantastic sites to learn jQuery