Which CMS to choose? WordPress vs. Mambo/Joomla vs. Drupal?

09/10/2019 0 Comment

Nice post from Foliovision that answers the good question:

“What are the strong and weak points of using Drupal vs. Joomla/Mambo vs. WordPress?”

These are all CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System and it is a template driven code base framework that allows you to build and manage a website much faster and easier than if you tried to do it all from scratch without a framework. Having the framework provides a consistency amongst the pages and the sites look and feel.

You may know that Mambo and Joomla are similar because they originated together, and then split into two communities and code bases in late 2005 when Joomla forked off from Mambo and they separated. Because of the fact that Mambo is older, it’s code base is clunkier and more cluttered.

Both Mambo and Joomla have stronger community features and user registration type features than WordPress, but then again there are new plugins coming out daily for WordPress, and unlike Mambo and Joomla, many of the best plugins are free.

Take a look at this really informative post from Foliovision to get the low down on all the pros and cons: