Top 5 Principles of Effective Web Design

Sarah Miles
11/14/2019 0 Comment

If a website is not engaging, effective, and easy to use, it can damage the overall effect it has on your business. These are just a few principles to keep your website optimized for engagement.

  1. Fonts

It is important to make sure the fonts used throughout your site are clear and easy to read. Sans Serif fonts, or fonts without decorative finishes, are ideal because they are easier to read online than Serif fonts. In order to keep your content streamlined, use a maximum of three fonts in a maximum three-point size difference. The appropriate size for easy online reading is 16px.

  1. Colors and Images

Contrasting colors for text and background make reading easier. Regarding a color scheme for your website, complementary colors can enhance user experience. It is also helpful to ensure you choose the right images for your website to connect with your target audience. Examples of complementary colors for your site are red and purple, blue and orange, or traditional black and white.

  1. Grid-Based Layouts

If the content is randomly placed on your website, it can seem messy and difficult to access. Grid-based layouts mean arranging your content in an orderly and balanced manner, into sections, columns, and modules to help break content apart into digestible chunks.

  1. Load Time

Ensuring a fast load time can help keep your audience on your website longer. If your site, or certain pages on your site, take a long time to load, customers will be less likely to remain on your site. Optimize image and video sizes, combine code into a central CSS or JavaScript file, or compress files will all help to speed up load times.

  1. Adaptive

With more and more users accessing websites on mobile devices, it is extremely vital to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Whether you choose to use a responsive layout or a dedicated mobile site, make sure your website can be easily accessed on all devices.

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